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Partner with food and beverage manufacturers in Singapore to develop healthier options for consumers.

The world today has huge opportunities and is waiting to hear from Singapore food and drink manufacturers. Moreover, internationalisation has become the key engine of growth for Singapore companies.

There Is a Shift.

Consumer Focus Shifts to Healthy Drinks: Wake-up Call for Traditional Beverage Makers

The ‘rethink your drink’ trend is catching on rapidly. In the past, it was the done thing to grab a soft drink bottle, gulp down the stuff and move on. Not so anymore.  

Latest Trend – Taste and Health

Food distributors, are you tuned in to the latest food trends?
The food industry today stands at the crossroads of change. ‘Eat without guilt’ is the new mantra in the market; steering away from stereotypical sugar and gluten-based foods. Consumers are looking for new, innovative options. Buyers are seeking foods that are fresh, natural and minimally preserved or processed. And the latest food trends are setting the stage for a global transformation in food consumption.

So What Is a Vision?

I never knew how to be a great entrepreneur. Somewhere, though, there was a voice, deep inside, telling me life is not just about having a job to pay bills, go on holidays, get married and raise children. In 2006, as I was starting out on my own, I attended courses run by T. Harv Eker, Robert Kiyosaki, Randolph Craft and Blair Singer, to name just a few, and they all laid a heavy emphasis on the fundamental called: Vision.

Our Sugar Replacement Technology

 Our Commitment
“We are committed to supporting a healthy lifestyle with great taste, lower calories and pure cane sugar sweetness that’s good for your health too.”
The global demand reflects a favourable trend with health-conscious consumers craving for simple and natural sugar replacement ingredients in their daily consumption.

Rise of Diabetes and Obesity

Low calorie Drinks: Health Concerns Are Shaping the Future
Beverage Makers and Food Distributors, Wake Up!

Consumers across the world are embracing the reality that the fizz is, after all, not such a fine thing. There is a surge of awareness linking sugar intake in full-calorie soda to obesity and diabetes. And low-calorie drinks have emerged as the savior. This health perception is hitting hard, affecting the bottom line of soft drinks makers and compelling them to turn to low-calorie drink options.  

What Are We Doing for Food Security?

The World Food Summit of 1996 defined food security as when “all people at all times have access to sufficient, safe, nutritious food to maintain a healthy and active life”.