Business Development Team

Creative Director + Market Research Strategist + Brand Designer + Copywriter + Go-to-market Specialist

What we do?

Branding Strategy

Do you have trouble forking out a $300k to 500k spend in marketing? With proper branding strategy, which includes strong product positioning, your products can still profit in the planned market segment and can target groups without spending marketing dollars. We need 6 months to assist you with, this—including, but not limited to:

❏    Market Segmentation
❏    Demographics
❏    Market Trends
❏    Consumer Preference Trends
❏    Formulation Planning
❏    Design and Visual Identity of Your Products
❏    Product Road Map According to Market Segment

*GRANT →Singapore SME can tap the EDG Grant to help you defray the cost of up to 80%. 

Marketing Strategy

Do you already have an existing brand and you feel it is time for brand awareness, yet you do not have much of a marketing budget? We can tailor an executable strategy according to your budget. We just need to study your company’s product history and brand history. 

GTM Strategy

Are your products coming to a stagnation stage in their market category? Or are you indecisive as to which market category you should sell to first? Our GTM Strategy is able to work out a product & service road map with you, and craft a repeatable sales process design that can increase your sales again.