Partner with food and beverage manufacturers in Singapore to develop healthier options for consumers.

The world today has huge opportunities and is waiting to hear from Singapore food and drink manufacturers. Moreover, internationalisation has become the key engine of growth for Singapore companies.
Demand for food and drink products from the ASEAN is growing rapidly too! Thanks to greater awareness of the ASEAN cultures and immigrant populations which are spreading out globally. And with that, it presents great export opportunities. Factors adding to this include favourable consumer preferences, government food regulations and market competitiveness.
Our expertise covers both the B2B and B2C supply chains on a global scale.
We help Singapore food and drink manufacturers in their branding and marketing strategy, which will positively influence their international business planning. We offer deep insights for your GTM strategy, following important business areas such as:
-       International branding
-       Market entry strategy
-       Partnership and distributorship
-       Financial modelling: cost and feasibility studies

According to IE Singapore, more than half of Singapore companies had footprints in the top markets of China and Malaysia. Companies are increasingly interested in Vietnam, Myanmar and India.

If you are a business owner in the food and beverages sector, we would love to share great opportunities with you, and assist you to discover the scope and potential of developing sugar-free brands for internationalisation. We are Nature Treasure Channels. We only develop and produce brands that we would feel safe giving to our loved ones to consume. Together, we can transform your existing products into a range of healthier alternatives for your consumers. Click here to connect with us!