Latest Trend – Taste and Health

Food distributors, are you tuned in to the latest food trends?
The food industry today stands at the crossroads of change. ‘Eat without guilt’ is the new mantra in the market; steering away from stereotypical sugar and gluten-based foods. Consumers are looking for new, innovative options. Buyers are seeking foods that are fresh, natural and minimally preserved or processed. And the latest food trends are setting the stage for a global transformation in food consumption.

Consumers Want to Be Healthier and Fitter
Nielsen’s 2015 Global Health and Wellness Survey, which polled over 30,000 individuals online, throws light on the latest food trends. Consumers are now more conscious about what they eat. And the best thing is, they are ready to shell out more for healthy foods.

Fact File
●    Foods with all-natural ingredients, and those without genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) are considered very important to 43% of global respondents.
●    Less is more for roughly one-third of global respondents who say it’s very important that foods are low in cholesterol (38%), salt (33%), sugar (32%) and fat (30%).
●    One-third think sustainably sourced (35%) and organic (33%) ingredients are very important in their purchasing decisions, and more than one-quarter (26%) say local herbs/ingredients are very desirable.
●    Some 88% of those polled are willing to pay more for healthier foods.
●    All demographics – from Generation Z to Baby Boomers – say they would pay more for healthy foods

Key Trends in Asia-Pacific
Market research reveals some more interesting facts. With internet penetration growing in SE Asia, the growth of online shopping, applications, and on-demand delivery services, are transforming consumers’ access to deals, niche foods, and drink products. Even within South-East Asia, Singapore and Thailand are leading the shift towards a cosmopolitan, digitally connected society. As citizens become more net savvy, the demand for new, innovative food products is simply going to amplify in the years ahead.

Gearing Up for a Changing Palate
Healthy foods are undoubtedly the game changer. For food entrepreneurs and distributors, there is a tremendous opportunity to lead the healthy movement by providing the products consumers want and need. 

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