Our Sugar Replacement Technology

 Our Commitment
“We are committed to supporting a healthy lifestyle with great taste, lower calories and pure cane sugar sweetness that’s good for your health too.”
The global demand reflects a favourable trend with health-conscious consumers craving for simple and natural sugar replacement ingredients in their daily consumption.
Catering to this demand, we have invented a special material created from the free-flowing structural integration of high-intensity sugarcane extract with customised food code E955 – a derivative of sugar cane extract with built-in flavour carrier functionality. This is done via our innovative technological process.
Our sugar replacement solution, Treasure Drop, is designed to enhance flavour, sweetness and the overall taste profile of any food or beverage item while considerably reducing the sugar content. Our 99% natural taste enhancement formulation cuts calories and enriches taste like never before.
Treasure Drop Has These Unique Characteristics :
●      Treasure Drop has zero sugar.
●      Treasure Drop is derived from sugar cane extract
●      The unique Special Flavour Carrier (SFC) factor brings out the inherent food flavour, without the need to use flavouring.
●      Its active ingredient is approved in over 100 countries worldwide.
●      Its active ingredient has more than 20 years of research, consisting of more than 100 scientific studies.
The bird’s nest sweetened with rock sugar produced a substantial increase in blood glucose levels and the overall glycemic response was much higher compared to the bird’s nest sweetened with Treasure Drop. Blood sugar levels were not raised after consumption of the bird’s nest sweetened with Treasure Drop, thus making it a preferable choice over sugar, for diabetic people.

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