Rise of Diabetes and Obesity

Low calorie Drinks: Health Concerns Are Shaping the Future
Beverage Makers and Food Distributors, Wake Up!

Consumers across the world are embracing the reality that the fizz is, after all, not such a fine thing. There is a surge of awareness linking sugar intake in full-calorie soda to obesity and diabetes. And low-calorie drinks have emerged as the savior. This health perception is hitting hard, affecting the bottom line of soft drinks makers and compelling them to turn to low-calorie drink options.  

Summary of Changing Trends
The reverberations can be felt across the beverages landscape. Soft drink sales have been declining for nine straight years. And with every passing year, this slide in soda consumption is gaining momentum. According to the Beverage Digest’s annual report, the total volume of soda consumed in the US dropped 1.2% in 2015, compared to a drop of 0.9% in 2014. For Pepsi Cola, it dropped by 3.2%. Globally too, sales growth of sugary, syrupy soft drinks is slowing amid concerns about sugar intake and obesity. 

“Sugar water with bubbles is not the future of the world. There’s an existential issue,’’ said Tom Pirko, an industry consultant at Bevmark. The bubble is, well, bursting.

The Shift Towards Low-cal Drinks
In a scenario where people are moving away from cola at an alarming rate, manufacturers must rethink their strategies. 

The increasing diabetic population also indicates better prospects for low calorie, healthy, functional drinks. According to research and consulting firm Global Data, the global type II diabetes market is set to almost double from $31.2 billion in 2015 to $58.7 billion by 2025. This projection bodes well for beverage makers – by reworking their recipes, they can tap into a growing market with immense business potential. 
It’s high time for beverage makers to reshuffle their brand portfolio, where the focus is on non-carbonated beverages and healthier alternatives such as packaged water, energy drinks and natural, wholesome beverages will be the mainstay. 

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