So What Is a Vision?

I never knew how to be a great entrepreneur. Somewhere, though, there was a voice, deep inside, telling me life is not just about having a job to pay bills, go on holidays, get married and raise children. In 2006, as I was starting out on my own, I attended courses run by T. Harv Eker, Robert Kiyosaki, Randolph Craft and Blair Singer, to name just a few, and they all laid a heavy emphasis on the fundamental called: Vision.
So I pasted pictures all over my room. Photos of boats, bungalows, top-of-the-range cars, club memberships, luxurious holidays, etc. I thought that this was “Vision.”
You probably went through the same thing. And then, when you didn’t achieve those material things, you probably decided entrepreneurship was not for you. Here’s a truth from me: Do not go into entrepreneurship because of material wealth, as you will be sorely disappointed. However, there are definitely rewards that can come from enduring and persevering through this journey.
2013 to 2016 was a time of teething for me. Months when I broke even, and wasn’t in the red, were counted as a blessing. I meet people all the time who suffered the same early problems. For those of you I have yet to meet, I hope that through this blog you will find the encouragement to go on, that you will experience a renewal of the entrepreneurial mind-set.
So what is a VISION?
Boats, bungalows, luxurious cars, club membership, luxurious holidays - these are not Visions. These are our private ambitions.
A person who starts a business may not have a Vision. Similarly, you could be a person with a Vision and still be working for someone else. Joseph, a famous person we’ve all read about in a true story, had had a Vision since he was very young. Before that dream was realised, he was sold to a foreign land to work. He was much maligned and even thrown into jail. Yet, eventually, his Vision came to pass and his story has echoed down the centuries.
What is inside you? What is it you feel you could do to impact humanity positively? Something that is a huge conviction deep in your heart. You may have already shared your ideas with people—only to be ridiculed.
I want to assure you, IT IS NORMAL to suffer great criticism. No one might understand why you do what you do, but just remember, any setback is only temporary, and that failure is not your destiny. Believe in your Vision. Use whatever is put into your hands first. There is no perfect platform. It is your Vision that will keep you going, even if no one believes in you.
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