There Is a Shift.

Consumer Focus Shifts to Healthy Drinks: Wake-up Call for Traditional Beverage Makers

The ‘rethink your drink’ trend is catching on rapidly. In the past, it was the done thing to grab a soft drink bottle, gulp down the stuff and move on. Not so anymore.  

The role of ‘diet’ in health is taking centre stage. Recent research points to the growing number of calorie-conscious consumers who are thinking twice before picking up their favourite soft drink bottle. Healthy drinks that cut down on sugar, foster weight control, and promote overall wellness, are the new cool.

Facts and Figures
Nielsen’s 2015 Global Health and Wellness Survey, which polled over 30,000 individuals online, is a real eye-opener. The survey’s findings suggest that the consumer mindset about healthy drinks has shifted, and they are ready to pay more for products that claim to boost health and weight loss.

Key highlights:
●    Better-for-you drinks, such as sports drinks, water, and fruit are among the strongest-growing healthy categories.
●    Consistent with the upsurge in healthy beverage sales, carbonated soft drinks sales are down 1% globally over the past two years
●    Some 88% of those polled are willing to pay more for healthier foods.
●    All demographics – from Generation Z to Baby Boomers – say they would pay more for healthy foods.

Compelling Reasons to Revamp the Recipe
As the findings indicate, health concerns are steering consumers’ buying decisions. Sales of sugary sodas and conventional fruit juices are slipping. Consumers are looking for alternative, wholesome and natural drinks. Energy water, and sports drinks brands are finding buyers in increasing numbers. Now the onus is on traditional beverage makers to reformulate their recipes, and switch consumers to sugar-free, lower calorie drinks.

Jump On the Sugar-Free Bandwagon
Focusing solely on carbonated soft drinks is, “a thing of the past,” PepsiCo CEO, Indra Nooyi, told investors in October. For food and beverage manufacturers, whose products are anchored in traditional, sugar-based recipes, clearly, it’s time to innovate.   

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