Local Entrepreneurs/Start-ups

Be a part of our growing ecosystem for entrepreneurs coming together. What do you have to offer to our mobile health kiosk? 

Are you an importer or manufacturer? →Connect with us if you have products that benefit people's quality of life
Do you have a great concept but are only a one-man show? →Connect with us immediately. We are a team of entrepreneurs who can actualize your idea. 
Are you seeking a Get Rich Quick Scheme? →We understand your urgency. However, our platform is meant for sustainable collaboration which we want to build for decades
Are you seeking referrals for your own products? →We understand your priority. However, you can be a contributor to the team and reap amazing rewards by suggesting collaborative ideas.
Are you lost, yet, still want to start something? →Become a volunteer at our events, and learn the heart and the truth of entrepreneurship.