Sugar Solutions Products

1. Natural Lemongrass Classic - Zero Sugar

A co-brand with First Brew, a local beverage manufacturer inspired by our brand promise, to produce beverages safe for our loved ones to consume everyday. Selling now in Giant Hypermarkets, 96 Katong Laksa, Origin Mart, Global Halal Hub - My Outlets, Mayson Bakery, Flare Wellness, Genesis Vegan Restaurant and more.

2. ZTP Slimming Tea (Roselle Hawthorne) - Zero Sugar

A brand by ZTP Birdsnest & Ginseng, a local manufacturer/retailer inspired, by our conviction, to sell Treasure Drop since 2014. They have replaced their former formula of Roselle Hawthorne, loaded with raw sugar, with Treasure Drop, and they now stand out as a leader. Without a sweetener Roselle can be a sour drink, but is now tasty and with zero sugar! Available in all ZTP outlets and their herbal drink stalls. 

3. Treasure Food Story - 80% Lower in Sugar (Peanut & Sesame Backgammons)

A co-brand with Li Kwong, a local peanut and sesame manufacturer inspired by an opportunity to offer a low-sugar alternative for consumers since 2014. Treasure Food Story has beautiful packaging, is suitable as gift and is available during festive seasons. We have also successfully created a peanut and sesame spread that is 80% lower in sugar, compared to a regular spread. For bulk purchases, do connect with us!.

4. Treasure Swiss - 80% Lower in Sugar

This series gives you convenient sachets of coffee, chocolate malt and tea latte. Our products go well with extra virgin coconut oil. We felt we could improve the formulation further to go with supplements. We have our last batch in store, giving a 70% discount. What a steal! Whilst stocks last. connect with us!