Sugar Replacement

1.Treasure Drop

A liquid sugar replacement that has a great taste which mimics sugar’s sweetness with zero calories. It is a 100% derivative of sugar cane extract that is suitable for diabetics, health and weight-conscious individuals. This product is safe for cooking, baking and brewing, even under high heat.  For more info, click here


Testimonial 1
Adeline and I have just switched over to Treasure Drop. We love our beverages to be sweet and one or two drops in our coffee and tea will do the trick. We can't tell the difference between sugar and Treasure Drop. What’s more, it has zero calories. That should help our quality of life go much further. - Wilbert Shum


Testimonial 2
My mum has been diabetic for over 20 years. She has been using sweeteners made of chemicals, until I came across Treasure Drop recently and discovered that it is derived from sugarcane extract without the harmful chemicals. I gladly bought one for my mum to try out. She has ditched the artificial sweeteners ever since! Now she can enjoy her drinks with peace of mind. - Gwen Tan

2.Treasure Sands

Easy to use without the need of fillers, it is a direct replacement. It is five times as effective as sugar – for example, if you use 1kg sugar, you could replace it with just 200g Treasure Sands. Currently, you can purchase Treasure Sands from professional bakers and chefs. You will enjoy their classes, and learning how to bake with Treasure Sands.